The Sensory Box

I finally had a chance to make my official sensory box.  Sensory box or bins are containers containing materials of various textures sizes, and color that provides children an activity to explore and play.

Mine is very basic.  White rice with toys.  Despite the simplicity, it’s been a great success.  Interestingly, BigFoot has had more play hours with the sensory box than LittleFoot.

Now, its not anything like the sensory boxes made by Pink and Green Mama and Imagination Tree’s sensory rice.  But, I am proud of the results.   Next week, maybe some colored rice?

If your looking for ideas, besides the ladies I mentioned above, Your Kids Table is also a great resource.

Sensory Board - start

Sensory Board – start


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Hmmm, what can I say? I am student, a mom, a wife with a passion for science, law, home decorating, crafts and motherhood. Sprinkle in some competitive edge, a sense of humor and what husband calls, a crazy streak. And there you have me.
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